• The story

    JmakxParis was born from the designer's passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. It all started in 2015 when he worked as a ready-to-wear salesman. His different experiences allowed him to observe several inequalities and constraints which pushed him to provide his own vision of fashion. It seemed natural for the designer to choose an entrepreneurial profession in which fashion was highlighted, a profession that he would be proud to practice on a daily basis. In July 2016, he started reading and researching more about his favorite field: fashion. He draws sketches little by little in order to improve himself day by day. It was in February 2017 that he undertook several trips to select the best fabrics and thus create his first men's/women's collection. The brand name JmakxParis is composed of the designer's middle name "Junior" and the prefix of his last name "Mak", as well as Paris, the city which inspires him for his creations, through its artistic and cultural heritage. JmakxParis represents much more than a clothing brand. It is above all a concept, a state of mind and a different vision of fashion. The brand and its creator want to convey strong values: ambition, entrepreneurship, confidence and finally determination.

  • Brand universe

    Having lived and worked in the urban and chic environment of the Paris region, the designer was able to observe for a long time certain influences, trends and clothing styles which inspired him in order to enable him to determine the universe of his future brand. . His ambition was therefore to create a clothing line mixing these two styles observed in the capital and its surroundings. These influences allowed him to highlight another aspect of fashion and to bring his own vision. The slogan “urban has chic, chic has urban” comes precisely from this idea. Through this slogan, the designer wanted to define the vision of his brand as a mix of work between the chic of French haute couture and the urban influences of big cities, without forgetting the cultural aspect. It is a combo between the constant search for beautiful materials, beautiful fabrics, unique, original pieces, innovative creations and urban influences with sportswear cuts, hip-hop culture trends... Today Today, with a successful first collection under his belt, the designer is counting on a good number of influencers to promote his brand and his fashion ideas. Notably Niska, a musical artist with whom the creator worked and collaborated. An artist who will accurately represent JmakxParis through his originality and determination. Indeed, the artist is today enjoying incredible success with more than 500,000 albums sold and 2.1 million followers on Instagram.

The creator

His experience as a salesperson and manager for 4 years at H&M and Zara was an important and formative period. Alvin Junior Mak knew how to observe and analyze the tastes, desires and expectations of customers who enriched him and equipped him with knowledge for his future creations. He also observes and learns from his reference personalities such as Olivier Rousteing, through his history and his creativity. He represents chic as a state of mind: “There are 2 things that are important in France today: chic, modern; Real chic today means being honest, being sincere and being authentic in your actions.” Daily inspiration for the designer. We will also mention Karl Lagerfeld, in his work, his personality, his free and rebellious spirit. A character in which Alvin Junior Mak finds himself a lot.

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